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Power and Olympic lifting teams are forming now for both men and women, at all levels whether beginner or advanced champions!
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Chiseled is a gym the way they were meant to be before they got too commercial.

It’s about fitness and training in a fun, clean and safe facility with staff and trainers that really care about you. We’re always here to help you however you need it – whether to correct your form, encourage that last rep or design a new routine. 

Chiseled is also Central Jersey’s one and only true, hard core Power and Olympic lifting gyms. We’ve got the personal training staff to teach you the basics or advance your skills to a competitive level.
A combination of past champions and certified staff will customize a superior, personalized weight training and fitness plan to meet your goals.
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Hiroshi Powell - Owner of Chiseled Health and Fitness
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Chiseled Health and Fitness is owned and actively managed by a former U.S. Powerlifting Federation Champion. He competed and won numerous competitions at the Regional level, is a past Nationally ranked power lifter and competed in several International events. His focus is on helping you reach your personal health and fitness goals - whatever they may be.

Additionally, Chiseled’s staff consists of a combination of past champions and certified personal trainers who can customize a superior, personalized weight training and fitness plan for you. Our staff specialize in power lifting, Olympic lifting, StrongMan, bodybuilding, fitness/figure/physique styles as well as strength, conditioning, performance and endurance training.

Whatever your goal, Chiseled is here to help - general health and wellness, weight loss, nutrition and exercise, fun or power lifting, Olympic lifting, or competition!

We’re different - Chiseled is not a social club or cookie cutter commercial gym. Those are great for some folks, but not everyone. If you are serious about your health and training, Chiseled is the alternative you’ve been looking for. Our gym is like training in your buddy’s basement, but with way better equipment! And … Chiseled has NO contracts.

Our staff is committed to challenging you to exceed your overall fitness, strength, sports conditioning and CrossFit goals or to build your power lifting or Olympic lifting basic or
competition-level skills. Let our certified trainers take you and your routine to the next level and push you to be the best you can be.
...all in a friendly,
but hard core, neighborhood gym
at a reasonable neighborhood price!
Many of Our Services are
Included in a Basic Membership 
Dumbbells from 3 lbs to 170 lbs

Free weights & weight training machines

Power & Olympic Team Sponsorship

Nutrition Counseling

Personal & Team Training for Women & Men

Stretch & Cardio Basics including Bikes, Rowers, Treadmills & Ellipticals