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Chris Loomis
Chris is a current judge and competitor with the North American Strongman Society and World Natural Powerlifting Federation. He has over 30 years experience in the fitness industry and is well known for his expertise with private personal training and group adult exercise programs. He is a member of the American Council on Exercise and a past competitor in the Scottish Highland Games (2000-2005).

Chris is a seasoned personal trainer with a focus on incorporating strongman, power lifting and athletic training techniques and exercises into the every day workout. This adds variety to stave off boredom as well as confuses the muscle groups for a more toned and robust physique.  

Chris is available for either one on one 30 or 60 minute personal trainings sessions or one on three 60 minute group sessions. Chris is available Monday-Friday 3:30 to 10 PM, as well as various times during the weekend. 48 hour booking notice is required.
Hiroshi Powell
Chiseled Health and Fitness, Owner
Hiroshi got his start like every one else - in his Mother's basement. Realizing he had a talent, he joined the world famous P & P Power Olympic Gym in Waltham, MA. He trained along side Paul Liotine, Ernie Hackett, Mary Barreira, Joe Rizza, Joe Rizzo, Liberty Winter, Steve Brown, George Perugia and many more. Half of his teammates became National Champions and the entire team was Nationally ranked in the United States Powerlifting Federation (USPF). Two team members (Mary and Ernie) were also World Champions in their weight class. It was through training with these extremely talented lifters that Hiroshi gained his experience and skill to become Nationally ranked at 148 and 165. After training at 210 and dieting back to 165 (with a 27" waist and 6% bodyfat), his total was 1800 (700 squat; 410 bench, 690 deadlift). An injury after 6 competitive years forced him to shift from powerlifting to bodybuilding and in his first competition placed second.

If you're serious about your power lifting or bodybuilding training or even if you want general weight training to help you meet your weight loss goals and if you want to train with one of the best on Chiseled's staff, Hiroshi as Chiseled's owner is the trainer you're looking for. He is available for 1 on 1 - 30 minute and 1 on 1 - 60 minute personal training sessions Monday-Friday 5 PM -10 PM and Saturday and Sunday during open gym hours. Off-hour training sessions are available upon request. 48 hour booking notice is required.

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Tom Hughes
Tom is a USAW Sports Performance coach with over 50 years of competitive Olympic Lifting experience. He is the current National Masters champion and has also been PanAm masters champion, American Masters champion, Metropolitan champion (open and masters) as well as world and national powerlifting champion (masters). He formerly coached the Stuyvestant midtown AC weightlifting team and trained at the Picatinny Arsenal gym. 

Tom is a retired Special Forces officer and is currently an adjunct professor at a local college. He also holds a 1 (Shodan) in Judo. He has been involved in lifting and education all of his adult life.

Tom believes in stressing proper technique, using light weights to practice and correct technique, after a proper warmup and stretching followed by power training (squats and pulls). Those looking to learn the Olympic lifts as well as power cleans will do well to have Tom coach them.

Tom is available for either one on one (30) or (60) minute personal training sessions or one on three (60) minute group sessions. Tom is available Monday through Friday 3:30 through 9 PM, Saturday 8 AM to 4 PM and Sunday 8 AM to 1 PM. 48 hour booking notice is required. 

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Our staff is committed to challenging you to exceed your overall fitness, strength, sports conditioning and CrossFit goals or to build your power lifting or Olympic lifting basic or competition-level skills. Let our certified trainers take you and your routine to the next level and push you to be the best you can be.